Motorcycle Accident Prevention Safety Tips

More and more people are buying motorcycles.  All ages, male and female and from all walks of life. These machines are not toys and one mistake can cause serious injury and death. The number one tip is to take the Basic Riders Safety Course. In  Ohio this course consists of 4 hours classroom and two full days learning to ride 250 cc bikes. But remember the transition to your Harley or Goldwing or whatever you happen to ride probably weighs 3 times as much as the small bikes you learn on.    So they are going to be more difficult to control than the smaller lighter motorcycles

7 Simple lifesaving Motorcycle Safety Tips


1.  At intersections always assume the car waiting to turn will turn in front of you.

2. Don’t Drive in the “blind” Spot of a Truck or Car

3. Keep you head up. If your head looks down you are likely to go down

4. Look where you want to go. The bike will go where you look . Don’t Target fixate

5.  All gear all the time. Some states do not require helmets. It’s your personal choice to wear  them. I’ll defend your choice. Me. I can’t see eating pavement with my unprotected face. I might be old , but I’m still pretty.

6. Keep a cushion between you and the motor vehicles in front of you. At least 4 seconds so you have plenty of time to react to danger.

7. Use both brakes for a quick stop.

Watch This Short Video on These 7 Motorcycle Accident  Safety Tips




by Anthony Castelli Attorney  Anthony is author of the Ohio Motorcycle Bible – The Guide to Protecting Ohio motorcyclists and Their Families.  You can download here  This book contains many more safety tips as well as tips on protecting your financial well being in case of a motorcycle wreck and how to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer if necessary.

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